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change of course

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In her mid 30s and trying to make sense of her floundering relationship, Regina is restless. She throws caution aside, books a one-way ticket to the Caribbean and joins the crew of a small, vintage racing yacht to satisfy her growing appetite for adventure.

Once aboard the old yacht in Antigua, Regina and her fellow crew members work tirelessly under the watchful eye of its cantankerous owner, as they prepare for the passage back to Australia.

During a sultry sunset party on a clifftop, Regina encounters an alluring man. When her sailing trip is abruptly cancelled, Regina sets course for Europe aboard another boat, leaving the budding romance in her wake.

Released from former ties and without a home, Regina returns to the Caribbean. She moves into a rustic shack and as the only white resident in the tiny community, she must forge a new path.

A new life beckons, but are her dreams worth abandoning the comfort and security she has back home?

This is a true story of Regina’s wanderings in the Caribbean, her passion for sailing and the unexpected, of love lost and found, and her search for freedom.

Book awards & accolades:

2023 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
Genre Memoir (other)


Readers Favorite
5 Star Book Review

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2022 Chanticleer International Book Awards
Hearten Award 

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What readers say about
Change of Course:

Same Height Control

Change of Course is an uplifting and courageous account of Regina’s journey to find purpose in her life. Her honesty and integrity shine through as she literally sets sail for new horizons and takes us along for both an inspiring and emotional ride.

Helene Young

Award-winning Author, Australia

Same Height Control

Change of Course takes the reader on a voyage of life, love and adventures on the high seas and on the small island of Antigua. Reading the book I felt like I was by Regina’s side throughout her experiences. I appreciated her courage, her sense of fairness and open approach with people from different cultures and ethnicities. Bon voyage!!

Sarah A.

Equine Therapist, Australia

Same Height Control

I absolutely loved this book. I found Regina’s courageousness in following her dreams and passions exhilirating and inspiring. I was totally engrossed from start to finish.

Melissa T.

Health worker, Australia

Same Height Control

A delightful and compelling real life adventure. I couldn't put it down. As one who has always chased adventure and love, I found Regina's sailing trips, magical descriptions of the islands and oceans, juggling visas and temperamental bosses, and finding love in the Caribbean compelling reading. Through it all shines Regina's raw honesty, vulnerability and courageous heart.

Grant T.

Insight Teacher and Mediator, USA

Same Height Control

Such a fun, delightful and beautifully written book filled with sailing treasures, international adventures and love. A great read for fellow sea gypsies, free spirits, romantics and the adventurous at heart.

Jo Y.

Speech Pathologist & sailor, Australia

Same Height Control

A very engaging book. What a captivating narrative of real experiences. I hope to watch this on the big screen one day! Well done.

Betty W.

Supply Chain Planner, Switzerland


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