Change of Course

Sailing into Love & Adversity on Caribbean Shores.
A memoir.

Have you ever dreamt of casting off the lines to your life and starting afresh? How much would you be willing to sacrifice for the pursuit of your dreams?

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Hi there!


I am Regina.

     I travel and love adventure.

            I dive headfirst into life.

                    I stumble and grow.

  And then I write about it.


I am Regina.

I travel and love adventure.

I dive headfirst into life.

I stumble and grow.

…and then I write about it.

Why? You might ask.

Well, writing helps me digest, remember, and heal.

And because life is  wonderful, exciting, complicated, and messy. 

Also, my well-hatched ideas never quite pan out the way I envisioned...

Instead, I stumble upon exhilirating and joyful situations (if I’m lucky!)
or awkwardly wade my way through sticky challenges. (Ugh!!)

Fortunately, I mostly encounter turmoil in breathtaking locations! It helps.

And no matter what:
I carry on!! 

This is my life. 

This is where I get to try and fail.
To celebrate my successes. 

To cry when I need it.
And to laugh a lot.

What matters most to me? (Aside from chocolate and a glass of wine, of course...)

    • Freedom and travelling.

    • People. And I mean all people. I love how diverse humans are and I believe EQUALITY is a HUMAN RIGHT. (So much so, I felt this needed to be capitalised.)

    • Being as awake as I can and continuing to grow. Always.

    • Animals and nature. Our beautiful planet. 
      Animals teach me to live with an open heart and nature grounds me.

    • I believe in and support solutions for a sustainable future for all.
      (I have a particular soft spot for wind farms.)

    • Choosing curiosity and courage over safety and comfort.
      (Life is short. Let’s adventure now and deal with consequences later…)

    • Being creative. Hence the writing. And cooking, occasionally painting.
      Taking photos of big and little things. Dabbling my toes in woodworking.
      (Sanders are mean machines!)

A ship in harbour is safe,
but that is not what ships are built for.
J.A. Shed