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In her early thirties, restless with life and stuck in a stale relationship and a mundane reality, Regina is hungry for more zest and adventure in her life. She boards a plane bound for the Caribbean, intending to fulfil a lifelong dream: To sail back to her home in Australia on a yacht.

On the shores of the rugged island of Antigua Regina joins an old-fashioned yacht and meets its cantankerous owners. Regina and her fellow crew labour incessantly in the hot Caribbean sun, getting the boat ready for the imminent passage. Despite their backbreaking efforts the crew struggle to satisfy the ballooning expectations of their captain. Morale plummets and their trip is suddenly jeopardised. The flamboyant Sunday sunset parties, set atop spectacular cliffs overlooking the island, are everyone’s highlight during this trying period. Swaying along to sultry Reggae tunes, Regina falls head over heels in love with a handsome and exotic local man.

When her sailing adventure comes to an abrupt halt, she finds herself unexpectedly stranded on the little Caribbean island. Unable to resist the allure of her love-interest, she takes up residence in his primitive shack and is determined to settle into life in a small village. As the only white resident in the community, Regina encounters peculiar situations and tough challenges while adapting to local customs. Life gets complicated as Regina deals with an unscrupulous employer, faces deportation and uncovers her lover’s many secrets. Over the course of 15 months Regina crosses the Atlantic Ocean twice, sails and works on many different yachts and stands her ground in this male dominated industry.

Packed with colourful characters and adventure spanning three continents and one ocean, this is a story of courage, love and trust. It is a candid, heartfelt and philosophical account of life-changing voyage. Isolated from her support network and in a foreign country, pushed by incessant desire to pursue her dreams, Regina learns to draw on her inner strength and guidance. In her book Regina illustrates how moments of hardship transform into pearls of wisdom throughout this extraordinary chapter in her life and how stepping into the unknown and embracing a bold life, lead from the heart, is her calling, her purpose.